Week 12: Never say no to Panda!

April 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

As today is free posting week, I would like to share this hilarious video!

This is a series of funny advertisements for Panda Cheese, a popular product in Egypt and Middle East. In each installment, as the song “True Love Ways” plays, the cuddly mascot confronts someone–a man in a hospital gown, a father and son shopping for groceries, a cook in a restaurant kitchen–with the audacity to “say no” to the company’s cheese.

Although this started out as a TVC, it was eventually put online by someone who compiled everything. This video has seen garnered 6.7 million views! This brings us to the question of online marketing. This is a very good example of how a video can be used for online marketing.

Instead of just relying on tradition medium such as the radio or tv, companies and businesses can actually turn to the internet to boost their business! Of course, their idea must be good and creative if not it will not work.

Just recently in Singapore, a couple named Mark and Audrey made headlines for going online with their romance. The problem is that He is 23 and she is 47. They had a facebook page which is supposed to garner supports for their relationship.

They even had a webpage – http://markandaudreysbigday.com/ – which supposedly showcase their wedding day. However, it all turned out to be fake. Their love story is actually a campaign stunt for an insurance company. After news of it leaked, netizens have been dissing the campaign and calling it the worst marketing campaign ever.

What do you think? For me, I think that although it’s a unexpected outcome, and that It was not really necessary to come up with that, at least it brought some recognition to the insurance company =p


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