Week 8: Apple

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am a huge supporter of Apple ever since I converted to a Macbook user. I often tell my friends how I will never ever use Windows again and will persuade them to get a Mac! What i love about Apple is the user interface… It is very clean and sophisticated. Other than that, I love how it is way better than Windows in the operating systems and durability.

One of the reasons why I love Apple is the way they market their products and the advertisments they come up with.

This is one of Apple’s most famous commercial and it was aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on 22 January 1984.

Another series of advertisements that I absolutely love and find it very funny is the Get A Mac advertisements. It is a series of 30 second advertisements featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman as a Mac and a PC. The advertisements are packed with humor, with some sacarstic comments made towards the PC.

Although the set of advertisements did draw its fair share of negative comments, I feel that it is a very smart move by Apple. Almost everyone loves humor and even if it doesn’t attract a viewer to buy a Mac, it will at least make an impression!


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