Week 11: Internet and Journalism

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am sure almost everyone knows what Journalism is. It is the profession of reporting, photographing or editing news stories for any one of the media. Journalism can be seen everyone… On the newspaper, on the radio and on the Internet. Our most common form of reading news will most probably be the traditional newspaper.

Broadcasting news stations like CNN, BBC and FOX all have websites that also features the latest news. Our very own local newspaper The Straits Time also have an online version.

Other than the website, The Straits Time also managed a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/stcom). Users can follow them and get snippets of news on the go. With the vast amount of news available on the Internet, more people are turning to their daily feed of news from there.

Is Internet killing Journalism? How does the Internet shape the future of Journalism? Personally, I feel that the Internet will not kill Journalism. Even though traditional medium for Journalism is dying down, there is still a huge need for Journalism on the Internet. In the near future, journalists can turn to work full time solely on the net… Writing articles for the Internet, live stream on the Internet and etc…

With the convenience of viewing news online, people are starting to abandon print news. It is much more easier to view news from their smart phones, laptops or tablets. Who knows, maybe in the near future, traditional print for news reporting will be abandoned and journalism will be brought online. It is very highly possible given how high technology our world have become.


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