Week 2: Isolated

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ask anyone whether they have a Facebook account and they are most probably to say yes. Ask anyone whether they have a Twitter account and majority will say yes. Facebook and Twitter are part of the huge social network and any social active human being would definitely have either one. However, in China, both websites are actually banned. Facebook was banned in China in 2009 due to riots in Xinjian. Other than Facebook, other social networking websites like Twitter and Youtube were also banned.

Perhaps they are too strict, or perhaps they just want to isolate themselves. However, you might wonder, without this sites, how do the Chinese communicate or expand their social relationships? Just like how we have all Facebook, the chinese people also have their top social networking site and it is Renren.com.

It is currently China’s largest social networking website with more than 160 million registered users. Renren’s background story is very similar to Facebook’s. Renren was created by graduates of Tsinghua University in Beijing and was initially called XiaoNei.Com (Inside School) which was meant for the university students.

Signing up for an account requires you to type your name in chinese and also the verification code in chinese, so non chinese can forget about signing up for an account there. The design and the features are all similar to facebook as you can see from the screenshots below.

Even with the lack of Facebook, I believed that RenRen is actually a very good tool for the chinese to expand their social networks. I also got to applaude the creators of the websites for their ability to come up with the almost exact features from Facebook 😛 I guess that’s what they are good at!


Week 1: Do you Youtube?

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Few nights ago, I was surfing the Internet and with nothing else left to do, I decided to pop over to YouTube. After 30 minutes, I found myself obsessed  with her. She can talk and sing, and is one of the most beautiful living thing I have ever seen. She has over 5000 friends and over 57,598 fans on her Facebook accounts. Who is she? She is Mishka Gardea and she is a Siberian Husky. Yes, she is a Siberian Husky who has found fame through YouTube!

Hi! I’m Mishka!

Her YouTube channel has 89,076 subscribers and she has already garnered a total of 101,095,331 channel views. Who would have thought a dog can have such a fame on Youtube!

YouTube has came a long way since their debut in 2005. From a simple video uploading website, it has since transformed into a major social media tool. I’m sure almost everyone that has access to the Internet has definitely accessed YouRube before. With the rise of many other social media (Facebook, Twitter), it is now even easier for YouTube to grow.Videos can be shared with friends via Facebook. It is viral… With the incorporation of YouTube and a social networking site, It is very easy to be able to get people to view it.

Just two days ago, I was out with two of my friends (and both are them were iPhone users). While waiting for time to pass, one of my friends (whom I did show Mishka’s videos to the night before) showed the other Mishka’s videos. Unknowingly, we had spent like 30 minutes of our time laughing at silly videos on YouTube. Thinking back, it dawned onto me that YouTube is really a great socializing tool, not only online but also offline.

Social media and networking is definitely a big part of all of us now and it will continue to grow. Who knows, one day we might just all be communicating online, making all our friends online or doing almost everything online.

To end this, here’s Mishka providing some joy and laughter to everyone!

And if anyone is interested, here is Mishka’s channel and links!

(FB Fan Page)
(FB Account)


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