Here we go again

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It’s times like this… Where I’m “motivated” to write. Write about my last words. Write about my feelings & thoughts. The ever so raw thoughts. 

Yesterday night was one of the worst nights ever. My heart felt like it was ripped apart over and over again. I had no one… no one I can rely on to save me from such torturing emotions. I slept… for a total of 1.5 hours or so? Between 1am-830am. The rest of the times, were just a mixture of a lot of crying and bad dreams. 

I went to the doctor today. Went to the doctor in the hope of getting off from work. I’m depressed. Or rather, that’s what he said. I know I am. Maybe I might even have exaggerated a little to show him I’m depressed. But oh well, how much can I fake it? I AM. And I know it. 

He gave me blue pills. Happy pills. It probably will trick my mind into thinking I’m happy after taking it. I thought, hey! Maybe there’s hope. Maybe If I’m happier, I’ll handle things better. Yay~ Double yay. Yay~ 

3:05AM. Here I am. Writing the first ever post on this blog I created on a similar night (But the crying was too much for me to write something) My eyes aren’t fully recovered from the swollen-ness of yesterday’s drama and it had to start again. 

Apparently, happy pills don’t last for that long eh? 

& obviously, I know what’s the cause of my post now. The cause of my overwhelming sadness. 

It’s you. 


Week 13: Future of the Internet

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We are currently living in the Web 2.0 era where social networking plays a big part in it. Gone are the days of the simple web 1.0. Web 2.0 facilitates sharing, collaboration and interaction on the world wide web. However, Web 2.0 is about to be left behind. With our high speed improvements to the Internet, Web 3.0 will come knocking to our doorsteps soon.

There are many definitions to Web 3.0. Many believe that the most important feature is the Semantic Web and personalization. According to some Internet experts, Web 3.0 allows the users to sit back, relax and let the the Internet do all the work. Our machines will understand the semantics of all the information on the WWW. Imagine your computer being able to read and understand your mind and what you want to do on the net…

How cool would that be if this can really happen? Living in a world with such high technology and navigating everything with glass (+ Internet). I am curious for what Web 3.0 has got to offer. Will all our lives revolve around the Internet and its technology?

Week 12: Never say no to Panda!

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As today is free posting week, I would like to share this hilarious video!

This is a series of funny advertisements for Panda Cheese, a popular product in Egypt and Middle East. In each installment, as the song “True Love Ways” plays, the cuddly mascot confronts someone–a man in a hospital gown, a father and son shopping for groceries, a cook in a restaurant kitchen–with the audacity to “say no” to the company’s cheese.

Although this started out as a TVC, it was eventually put online by someone who compiled everything. This video has seen garnered 6.7 million views! This brings us to the question of online marketing. This is a very good example of how a video can be used for online marketing.

Instead of just relying on tradition medium such as the radio or tv, companies and businesses can actually turn to the internet to boost their business! Of course, their idea must be good and creative if not it will not work.

Just recently in Singapore, a couple named Mark and Audrey made headlines for going online with their romance. The problem is that He is 23 and she is 47. They had a facebook page which is supposed to garner supports for their relationship.

They even had a webpage – – which supposedly showcase their wedding day. However, it all turned out to be fake. Their love story is actually a campaign stunt for an insurance company. After news of it leaked, netizens have been dissing the campaign and calling it the worst marketing campaign ever.

What do you think? For me, I think that although it’s a unexpected outcome, and that It was not really necessary to come up with that, at least it brought some recognition to the insurance company =p

Week 11: Internet and Journalism

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I am sure almost everyone knows what Journalism is. It is the profession of reporting, photographing or editing news stories for any one of the media. Journalism can be seen everyone… On the newspaper, on the radio and on the Internet. Our most common form of reading news will most probably be the traditional newspaper.

Broadcasting news stations like CNN, BBC and FOX all have websites that also features the latest news. Our very own local newspaper The Straits Time also have an online version.

Other than the website, The Straits Time also managed a Twitter account ( Users can follow them and get snippets of news on the go. With the vast amount of news available on the Internet, more people are turning to their daily feed of news from there.

Is Internet killing Journalism? How does the Internet shape the future of Journalism? Personally, I feel that the Internet will not kill Journalism. Even though traditional medium for Journalism is dying down, there is still a huge need for Journalism on the Internet. In the near future, journalists can turn to work full time solely on the net… Writing articles for the Internet, live stream on the Internet and etc…

With the convenience of viewing news online, people are starting to abandon print news. It is much more easier to view news from their smart phones, laptops or tablets. Who knows, maybe in the near future, traditional print for news reporting will be abandoned and journalism will be brought online. It is very highly possible given how high technology our world have become.

Week 10: How the Internet can help for politics

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With the upcoming elections, there have been tons of campaigning going over between the different parties. Other than the traditional media (TV, Radio and Print) being used, political parties are turning to the Internet to for campaigning. Take for example, People’s Action Party (PAP). They have a Facebook page ( where they post their latest news, photos and videos.

Other than the Facebook pages, they also have a YouTube page! (

This is the PAP Manifesto video posted 6 days ago. Other than this, there are videos of PAP introducing their candidates, and of course the infamous Tin Pei Ling.

PAP hopes to get across audience through the Internet, and with the help of this additional medium, there is definitely more recognition. Speaking of Tin Pei Ling… If viral video of her BIGGEST REGRET didn’t show up on the Internet, nobody would know of the MOST HONEST reply she gave.

On the other hand, I feel that it is good to use the Internet fir Political Campaigning as the parties will be able to reach out to a wider audience. Using videos is a very good way, because not all videos go on air (on the TV or Radio) so a video sharing website if the next best thing.

One limitation to it is that, using the Internet alone does not give the campaigns a personal touch. After all, it is important for the general public to get in touch with the candidates personally. Another limitation will be a surge in negative comments. In the virtual world, it is inevitable to get positive and negative comments. Positive comments are definitely beneficial for the campaigns… However, if there were to be negative comments, it tends to spread like wildfire (Tin Pei Ling’s case).

All in all, I do think that the Internet is still a good tool for political campaigning… But it should  be used alongside with other medium to get the best results out of it!

Week 8: Apple

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I am a huge supporter of Apple ever since I converted to a Macbook user. I often tell my friends how I will never ever use Windows again and will persuade them to get a Mac! What i love about Apple is the user interface… It is very clean and sophisticated. Other than that, I love how it is way better than Windows in the operating systems and durability.

One of the reasons why I love Apple is the way they market their products and the advertisments they come up with.

This is one of Apple’s most famous commercial and it was aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on 22 January 1984.

Another series of advertisements that I absolutely love and find it very funny is the Get A Mac advertisements. It is a series of 30 second advertisements featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman as a Mac and a PC. The advertisements are packed with humor, with some sacarstic comments made towards the PC.

Although the set of advertisements did draw its fair share of negative comments, I feel that it is a very smart move by Apple. Almost everyone loves humor and even if it doesn’t attract a viewer to buy a Mac, it will at least make an impression!

Week 7: The danger of the Internet D:

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Cyber-crime strikes 70% of Internet users in S’pore

The article above dated 9th September 2010 published information about the cases of cyber crimes in Singapore. The cyber crimes stated can range from computer viruses, fraud, identity theft and even cyber bullying. However, one of the issue of cyber crimes is that victims often do not report their situation to the police.

As the Internet grows, more and more people are increasing their usage of it. It would be no surprise that cyber crimes will increase, when offenders realized the many things they can do on the Internet. Just what are the more serious trends in cyber crimes?

1) Virus, Worms, Spyware!

Probably the most hated problem by everyone that owns a computer 🙂 A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. It can actually be “spread” from computer to computer (by sending it over the network, or transferring it in a external drive/disk/floppy).

Below is actually a list of the top ten computer viruses and you can see how a virus can cause so much damage and also the many possible ways it can spread. It can infect emails and word documents and infected computers will be affected as their system will crash or be restarted.


Other than a computer virus, there is also Malware. It is a software designed to harm or secretly access a computer’s system without the owner’s informed consent. It contains harmful bugs and sometimes can come in the form of a genuine software and also from a official website. One of the more famous malware will be the Trojan Horse. It is a program that invites the user to run it, concealing a harmful payload. Once activated, it will lead to many undesirable effects by deleting files from the computer or installing more malware.

Spyware is also part of malware, and once installed on a computer, it is designed to collect small pieces of information about users without their knowledge. It collects personal information such as Internet surfing habits and sites visited. Other than that, it can also change the computer settings and slows down the speeds, changing webpages or functionality of other programs. Spyware is also one of the main reasons why identity theft and fraud are committed as there are spywares designed to steal users’ credit card information, passwords and user names.

2) Cyber Bullying

Worms aside… Another cyber crime that is prevalent now is Cyber Bullying.

A search on the Internet about this topic brought me to this website ->
This is a educational support website against cyber bullying. More often that not, children are the victims of cyber bullying. Cases of children being called names and insulted online are very common in Singapore. In the United States, there are even more serious cases of victims who were bullied online, ending up committing suicide.

One of the more famous case of cyber bullying in the US will be Lori Drew’s case.

“As in the 2007 case of Ms Lori Drew, a mother from a Missouri suburb, in the US.

She had posed as a boy, “Josh”, online and befriended Megan Meier, who had had a fall-out with her daughter.

The ploy was so that she could find out what Megan, who lived down the street from her, was saying about her own daughter.

The unsuspecting Megan, then 13, had talked online with “Josh” for more than a month. She hung herself the day after “he” abruptly ended their friendship, calling her a “liar”.”

It is disturbing to see that not only kids and young adults are involved in cyber bully, even parents are doing it. Cyber bullying is a serious case and there should be more focus on this crime, educating the people about the seriousness of it.

The Internet has served us well, providing us with many high technology opportunities that we can ever have. However, there are sure to be the cons to it and that is crimes in cyberspace! Although it’s something we cannot eliminate but I am sure, with the right measures, such crimes can be brought down to a minimum!